Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Digital Dig


  1. Hello
    I really like your digital dig at are school we did one s well i got mine finished when did you do it?

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  3. Ni hao my name is Jayden I'm from Greymouth mamaku hub. I like your digital dig. We also we have digital dig too. A teacher named Madalin comes in and teaches us about keeping safe round the computer and the internet. I found out that the internet is a dangerous place. Well al aside great post. Your sincerely Jayden

  4. Kia ora Patrick I am Kristian from Grey main School.
    I like how you used a keyboard and circled how you open a new tab. We have done one at our school. What did you like about doing your digital dig?

  5. Bonjour, my name is Hannah and I'm from Grey Main School.
    We did digital dig awhile ago as well! We did it term 1, and it was fun doing it. We did it with a lady called Madeleine, and it was fun. Did this learning come in handy?

    Goodbye, from Hannah